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Everyone knows the perils of data theft. A lot of people are also familiar with the name and the significance of Edward Snowden. He was an employee of the National Security Agency at the United States of America who was accused of whistleblowing. He is a wanted man across the world even as you read this. The perils of data theft are even more resounding in today’s world, where the pace of our lives can only be matched by the relentless changes that we see across us. The SHAREit app comes in handy in these seemingly apocalyptic times. We have here a list of features which makes the SHAREit app one for the future.


One, you can now ensure that your data is with you on the go. With the new SHAREit app, the ability to send a wide variety of content is available. The ability to send all kinds of data on the go is also available. With the number of data file types we carry around with us on the rise with each passing day, we can easily boil down one solid fact: we need a file manager as well as a file transfer software on the go. With SHAREit being able to send files including music files like MP3, WAV and WMV, video files like MKV, AVI, MP4 and even the Flash-based FLV, photos in file formats including GIF and JPEG, contact files and document files including DOC and Excel files.

Two, whenever two devices with the SHAREit app installed are brought in range to one another, the detection is instantaneous and simply clever. You now no longer have to wait for the app to launch and then search for the app on your opposite device by scanning or switching on your Bluetooth device. The app makes the device you have one degree north of super-smart. we have been on the lookout for such an app ourselves.

The one big plus point of the SHAREit app is that it will have an innate ability to receive and transfer a big file, sometimes bordering on huge. The way it does this is simplicity itself. The new app uses the similar transfer protocol as the torrent sites do. The big file is broken down into multiple parts which are then streamed over ether.This makes the connection between two devices uninterrupted as well as steady.

The new SHAREit app also uses a factor to its advantage and that is speed. Not only can you send big files over wireless connections without any hassles, you can also send these files over 40 times the speeds of current standard Bluetooth networks. The super fast speed is not merely hogwash. It is most effective when the two devices running the app are running current and comparable versions. The other great feature of the SHAREit for Windows app is that you can now reach out to a wider audience with data streaming availability up to five devices at any given point of time.