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ICIC bank is one of the four largest banks of India along with SBI, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank, it is a multinational and financial service company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is third largest banking company in Market Capitalisation and second largest in terms of assets in India. ICICI bank is also having a vast network of branches with 4500 branches and 14,000 ATM’s in India and around the world.

How to open account at ICICI bank

Main products of ICICI bank are ICICI Merchant services, Money2India for people to send money from other countries, Extra Home Loans, Smart Vault, Saral Loans, Pockets, ICICI Bankpay on Twitter, Contactless Debit and Credit Cards and many other services are offered by ICICI Bank to its customers.

How to open an Account in ICICI Bank?

There are two ways to apply for an account in ICICI bank first one the traditional method of visiting the bank with documents and photographs and the other way is applying through its website where users need to provide documents and photographs in digital methods. Click Here to go the application page.

Here I am going to explain you how to open an account in ICICI bank in traditional method in step by step process.

Requirements to open an account:

1) Aadhar Card is a necessary to open an account in any bank.

2) Pan Card.

3) Any other proof if asked like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, Job card issued by NREGA, etc.

4) Two latest Photographs.

5) Photocopies of each proof you will be submitting.

Step by Step Process:

Step 1: Find the nearest ICICI bank and find an officer for new customers.

Step 2: Ask for an application form and details and signatures necessary to fill.

Step 3: Complete the application and provide them along with the original and photocopies of the proof with photographs.

Step 4:Once the officer checks all the details and approves he may ask you to come later or if they good to go they will provide you with the Bank Book.

Step 5:Most of the banks are providing the users with Bank Book, ATM Card (with bank name), Cheque Book (If you need), Internet and Mobile banking details at a time.

If not, they will ask you to come again to the branch to collect the ATM, Internet and Mobile banking details or they will post ATM card to the address provided in the account. Even then you need to visit the branch to collect Pin number of the ATM which will only be available with the Branch officials until you collect it.

This is the process one need to follow to open an account in ICICI Branch not only in ICICI Branch the process of opening a new account is almost same for all the Banks. Now a days the process had become even simpler in the previous days users need a reference to open a bank account but now all the bank need is a aadhar card and photograph. In future it will be even simpler where users never need to visit a branch and all the facilities are either present in Internet or ATM’s. You can also call at ICICI bank customer care for more details.