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Apple Inc. is soaring in the market at high with the news of iPhone 7 being launched this year. As with all other generations iPhone 7 is also being prepped in different variants. The market is going to witness a huge makeover in the smartphone business. Expectations have totally been surpassed this time by the developers. They are taking it seriously about what and how the users like to have in handy on their phones. Like any other iPhone series, iPhone 7 is going to be launched in five different variants which will be iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone Pro.

When I talk about variants, we need to look for pros and not so pros (ALAS!! Its Apple.. they can’t have cons); in each one of them.  We all know iOS 10 is a big pro for this new generation but what about other features. Let us look at not so pros in the iPhone 7 today.


  1. iPhone 7: it is a base model with a range of storage options. Everyone’s cup of tea, whether is a teenager or high-end business man, cannot find much drawbacks but I think who doesn’t like to watch movies or listen to music while charging their phone. Yes! There will be no 3.5mm audio jack, sources confirmed.
  2. iPhone 7 Plus: it will be bigger and better with a wide angled screen set at 5.5 inches and longer battery life, looks like an elder brother of iPhone 7 which will be as competitive as other models that will be launched alongside. But having said that, the bigger brother will not be having a 256GB onboard memory.
  3. iPhone 7S: the iPhone 7S would be jam-packed with much awaited features like third-generation fingerprint touch center, a better camera with high pixel density and more colors to choose from. The iPhone 7S might come with a better processor and 4K screen resolution.
  4. iPhone 7S Plus: this would be the larger depiction of the iPhone 7S model, yes would be similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. For iPhone Plus versions the base model of iPhone 7 or 7S would take in to consideration and then it would be built into a Plus or a bigger version of that. Off course the Plus form of iPhones have their own pros.
  5. iPhone 7 pro: the word pro undeniably means the specific additions to this version of iPhone, there will be some major modifications like addition of the dual camera lens and the Apple has promised that the photo quality will be as good as a DSLR. Another addition is, this iPhone pro comes with much greater version of memory, expected up to 256 GB.