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A gaming mouse can make a huge difference to your gaming experience. There are several gaming mice now available in the market that is required to make your game more efficient. However, that does not mean that everything that gets sold in the market as gaming mouse is a great asset for your gaming desk. Here are the things that must be taken care before choosing the gaming mouse.

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The acceleration of the gaming mouse is very important for the performance and higher grade of gaming. It makes your movement faster and agile.


The grip of the mouse is also the important thing to check. The grip of the mouse makes difference and it should be according to palm size. Better would be the control with a superior grip.


Count per Inch or CPI is another very important factor of the gaming mouse. This means that how many times the mouse sensor reads the tracking surface. The higher is the number, the more would be the accuracy and performance.

Angle Snapping

This is again something that can change your gaming experience. It is just the prediction of the mouse and creates smoother movements by reading the data from the mouse sensor.


It should be the minimum thing in an efficient mouse. Jitters are the inaccuracy of a mouse and a perfect gaming mouse should have the least of it. Remember that for a perfect shot, you need zero jitters and that should be crucial criteria for the gaming mouse.

These may be the major things that you must consider while selecting your gaming mouse. However, the personal choices do have some say. Few features like palm size, system specifications are few of the things that should also be considered before taking the final call.