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Xiaomi has come up with numerous Smartphones until now and most of them has been in the good books of the tech fanatics. The Xiaomi Mi 5 was highly appreciated by the users due to its outstanding features. And the Mi 5 plus sported a dual camera facility with an impressive 13 MP rear camera and a 4 MP front camera, for which the images taken by the phone are absolutely stunning. And now it seems that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 is proceeding towards being a successor to its predecessors which is quite expected. Nevertheless, several concept design images regarding the upcoming Smartphone indicate a lot about the attributes of the device which can be seen after its launch. And one of the most talked about feature is that the Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to come up with a 100% screen to body ratio which would be something innovative for the Xiaomi users to experience.


A retractable 8 MP front camera is also expected to be equipped with the upcoming Smartphone by Xiaomi but quite a lot of users are not happy with this news, as the retractable camera has all the possibilities to break off quite easily. And if the news turns out to be true then the users should handle the Smartphone with utmost care. Reports have also shed light on another speculation which is doing the rounds and its is said that the device might run on 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat along with MIUI 9 OS, while the Mi 5 runs on MIUI v8 Android 6.0. LG G6 is release this month.

Another unique feature is expected to be equipped with the upcoming Smartphone by Xiaomi and it seems that the batter of the device is going to be highly sustainable. Reports stated that a wireless charging facility will be provided to the Xiaomi Mi 6 and would allow the users to keep the device on a charging mat which will escalate 30% of the battery capacity after charging the device for just 20 minutes.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix sports a firs rate outlook which has impressed innumerable users but its ceramic body finish has resulted in the damage of the phone several times as some of the users have complained that their Smartphones have got quite a lot of scratches due to it. Therefore, reports say that the tech giants are now planning to give a metal body finish to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6. But nothing has been confirmed right now, so we have to wait until the device gets introduced into the markets.

By getting an insight into the speculations which are at rife regarding the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6, it seems that the Smartphone has all the possibilities to become one of the best flagship phones of 2017.